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Breitling is known for its large sizes, all watches are COSC certified and recently it has been chasing Georges Kern from Richemont. Their recently announced limited edition replica watches version of the Breitling Chronoliner B04 watch with red gold case fits perfectly on the more spotty and flashy side of Breitling. With the chronograph and GMT complications, B04 is proclaimed by Breitling as "the captain of the aircraft".

As a note, given the development and production deadlines, it is likely that this watch was launched well before Georges Kern's term of office. So I don't think it would be right to draw comparisons or conclusions (good or bad) about Breitling's future orientation based on this unique watch.

Chronoliner B04 was launched for the first time with a steel case at the beginning of this year and is a successor to the 765 AVI vintage and 765 Co-Pilot. As an "aircraft captain's chronograph", Chronoliner replica watches uk B04 - like its predecessor - is intended to be a wrist watch above all, and this is one of the reasons why many Breitling watches tend to be large. In this case, Breitling Chronoliner B04 measures 46 mm by 16.85 mm, so you can expect your arm to have a good workout as it tends to be dense gold. While I'm not a fan of big bells, I found the color combination of the original B04 steel attractive. However, the red gold / blue color scheme is even better if it is flaunted. Like most modern watches, the frame is made of ceramic and, as required by a GMT watch, is two-way.

The watch has a lowered back, which I think is individually numbered and while the crown is not screwed in, it is double-closed and the chronograph's push buttons are simple and fake rolex sponge-shaped. The watch is rated at 100 m of water resistance - no surprises it is intended to be a wristwatch.

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