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For thirty years the Portofino collection has been synonymous with elegance and sobriety, much loved by both women and men. Georges Kern, CEO of IWC Schaffhausen, illustrates the philosophy that accompanies the new Portofino 2014 collection: "The evolution of IWC, which has now become a global brand, has led us to observe with great interest tastes, uses and aesthetic trends global watches and jewels and to see that the demand for diamond-embellished watches has risen all over the world. "

IWC Schaffhausen's response to this trend is a development of the Portofino family of replica watches without ever overwhelming their aesthetic standards. - "With the Midsize collection - continues Kern -" we make one of our successful classics an appealing product even for customers with the thinnest wrist ". Here is the official video.

It represents the flagship model of the new Midsize collection, whose dial whose bezel and whose loops are embellished with a total of 174 pure white diamonds. To make these jewels sparkle, the black dial like the night is carefully painted in several layers.

The watchmakers create for the first time the entire indication of the lunar phases in the form of a star-studded night sky in which the latter and the Moon seem to float in an endless space. For the white dials (ref. IW459001 / IW459002 / IW459005) and black (ref. IW459003) of the steel and red gold versions of the Portofino Midsize Automatic Moon Phase, IWC's watch designers chose a perfect and slightly sparkling mother-of-pearl.

The lunettes, decorated with 66 diamonds, make the timepieces shine. "With the use of diamonds and mother of pearl we bring back to life the history of our Portofino watch family", explains Christian Knoop, Creative Director of replia IWC Schaffhausen. "However, we want to provide an interpretation of luxury in a modern way, making it refined and not pretentious. The Portofino collection by IWC maintains that elegant line for which it is so loved and known also thanks to the mother of pearl dials and the soleil finish that give the watches depth and a particular liveliness.www.replicasrolexreloj.com

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